Mission Statement

We aim to be a leading source of quality outdoor furniture and related accessories. In acknowledgement that people are what makes a business successful, the safety and well-being of the company’s employees are the foundation on which decisions are made. Regardless of prevailing laws, the company shall at all times ensure:

All employees are treated equal regardless of race, religion and gender;

All employees and their families have access to free healthcare;

All women have access to a minimum of 6 months paid maternity leave;

All employees as a bare minimum earn a living wage and are paid 13 months’ salary each calendar year;

All employees can seek a leave of absence or work part-time to further their education.

Mission: Private Label

Our private label collections are an acknowledgement that some clients have a benefit in accessing turn key products they can market with few restrictions. Our private label offering has been tailored to suit two types of clients:

  1. OEM clients that do not have the will and/or the means to develop their own products.; and
  2. Retailers that wish to offer exclusive own-branded high-quality products.

In working with retailers, our objective is to supply them with great designs and quality products which can be customised to suit their markets. Our support does not end with the product, but extends to providing our private label clients with support and tools that enables them to effectively market their brand. The support and tools provided include renderings, photography, CAD files and point of sale articles.