We acknowledge that natures resources are limited. We at all times strive to produce products that are designed and built to last. Our products are service-able: Regardless of age, we strive to provide clients with parts and components that are required to service a product in the event it requires repairs.

Our wood raw materials are exclusively sourced from legal and sustainable sources.

We minimise waste to an absolute minimum and whenever possible ensure waste and bi-products we cannot utilise in our own production are either recycled, passed onto others that can put them to good use or disposed of in a legal and responsible manner.

Quality Works is FSC®, SVLK/FLEGT® and Amfori BSCI certified.



Social Responsibility

We aim to make a positive contribution to the livelihood of our employees, their families and the communities within which we operate. In this regard, focus is on education of the next generation. We aim to achieve this through two initiatives:

  1. Acknowledging that mothers are the custodians of most families and given that childcare is not an option for most mothers in Indonesia, the company on a continuous basis finds ways to ensure that mothers in general and single mothers in particular are taught skills that enable them to produce products at home which they can sell themselves or with our help on a not-for-profit basis.
  2. In addition to providing safe and long-term employment opportunities for our employees, we encourage all employees to further the education of their children beyond what is legally required by law in Indonesia. Each year we give out education grants to children of our employees as well as pupils attending a school near our factory.