Quality Works

We’ve been in the furniture business for 6 generations.

After several decades in the high-end indoor and outdoor furniture industries, we started Quality Works in 2012. Our objective at the time was a simple one: to fill a need in a market which lacked options for OEM manufacturing of mixed-materials outdoor furniture beyond the inherent conflict in sourcing from factories that are owned by furniture brands. From an initial focus on stainless steel and aluminium furniture, we have consistently expanded and grown, investing in increasingly more sophisticated technologies and larger premises. This has enabled us to produce a wide range of furniture made from a variety of materials. Most recently, we have invested in an advanced in-house sawmill; expand the scope of our in-house test lab to include environmental testing of raw materials; and equipment that enables us to produce high quality lamination and form-pressed wood parts in greater volumes.

Starting in 2014 we in collaboration with designers Dick Björk and Povl Eskildsen, commenced with the development of a private label collection, and now export to America, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa. Beyond simple sales, we have also engaged sales representatives in selected markets to assist with sales and customer support. As we’ve grown, we’ve increased our focus on helping the communities we operate in to also grow. This includes our CSR programme to empower women in the communities around the factory by teaching them how to produce and market hand-crocheted products. This project currently provides income for over 70 women.

We recently embarked on an expansion programme aimed at again doubling our production capacity.




Anita Purwaningsih
Plant Director

Anita has spent over 20 years in the furniture industry. Anita’s “can do” attitude and analytical skills have been and continue to be instrumental in the development and growth of the company. Anita has among other qualifications a master’s degree in finance. Anita Joined the company in 2013.

Riska Wibisono
Head of Customer Support

With experience from a customer support position in the textile Industry, Riska joined The Company shortly after its founding. With a customer first mindset, Riska has been instrumental in the company’s development. Riska and her team are typically the first point of contact for customers and sales representatives. Riska has degrees in arts and in communication. Riska joined the company in 2014.

Adi Wirastama
Head of Human Resources Development

Adi had prior to joining the Company experience from a management position in the pharmaceutical industry. After initially heading our accounts department, it was evident that Adi’s skills and humanity made him a perfect fit for leading the company’s Human Resource Development. Adi has a degree in Finance. Adi joined the company in 2014.

Anders Norgaard
Managing Director

At age 14, Anders’ first job was an after-school job at a lumber yard and sawmill. His passion for wood and furniture has led him to work in many countries including his native Denmark, Ireland, Ghana, Papua New Guinea and Singapore. Anders is a trained furniture machinist and has a degree in Wood Engineering. Anders founded the company in 2012.




Indonesia has a history and culture of fine crafting, across everything from wood working to weaving. Combined with leading-edge technologies, this allows us to produce furniture of exceptional quality. We believe our people are the heart of our business, which is why we invest in their continued learning, and sponsor staff - and in deserving cases, their children - who wish to further their education.