Mission Statement

We aim to be a leading source of quality outdoor furniture and related accessories. In acknowledgement that people are what makes a business successful, the safety and well-being of the company’s employees are the foundation on which decisions are made. Regardless of prevailing laws, the company shall at all times ensure:

All employees are treated equal regardless of race, religion and gender;

All employees and their families have access to free healthcare;

All women have access to a minimum of 6 months paid maternity leave;

All employees as a bare minimum earn a living wage and are paid 13 months’ salary each calendar year;

All employees can seek a leave of absence or work part-time to further their education.

Mission: OEM

We strive to be an innovative, knowledge-based, environmental and socially conscious original manufacturer of furniture and related accessories. In practical terms, this means we strive to:

  • Engineer and build quality products that are designed to last;
  • Use innovation and know-how to continuously maximise raw material yields;
  • Invest in people and technologies that enable cost effective production processes;
  • Refrain from producing products with inherent design flaws aimed at limiting their life span.
  • Under one roof, offer unique competences in the processing of wood, stainless steel, brass, aluminium and various man-made plastics and wickers.

The solutions we propose to OEM clients are centred on providing a competitive quality-to-value ratio through innovation and thoughtful designs and construction, as well as utilising efficiencies in material yields and production processes.

We acknowledge that the business world is as diverse as the planet we live in, and that we have a choice in how and with whom we do business. We aim to do business with partners that share our values and will not let the prospect of financial gains lead to an erosion of our values. We acknowledge that integrity often has a cost, we will refrain from business relationships that will have negative impact on the well-being of employees, have a negative impact on the environment or have a negative impact on the communities in which we conduct our business.