The Kris chair was originally designed by Christian Nørgaard in 1951 as a gift to his aunt. The chair, produced at the Nørgaard workshop in the village of Skodborg, Denmark, was introduced to an international audience as the "Christian Chair" during the February 1962 furniture fair in Cologne, Germany. For season 2024, we have collaborated closely with Christian to convert his original design to a construction that is engineered for outdoor use, but now in production with the next generation of Nørgaard furniture makers. The sculptural qualities of the design with its organic component shapes, yet cubical geometry, is a testimony to Mies van der Rohe's philosophy that "less is more". The Kris chair is available as both a side and an arm chair, fitted with either a slatted teak or woven seat. For the woven seat, we use our Danish Cord, a man-made wicker that is reminiscent of traditional seagrass.